Thursday, 1 March 2012

Cesar Brown - Resume

Aloha! I happen to be one of the staff managers of FoxyStilezArticles, a world-wide Internet content writing combine. We can write articles in English and French for world-wide web readers, and are at your disposal for articles and other content creation for your site. Below you may read my curriculum vitae, and you'll be able to check out other staff managers and team members' CV's on this web site. At the end of my curriculum vitae, you'll notice some instances of our posted works. For employment inquiries, you should mail us with the contactform on this web page and we will respond as soon as feasible.


Cesar Brown

607 Goodpaster Circle

Texas Austin


Graduated With Special Honors from Peninsula College

10 years of authoring experience (directly for Internet readers)

Stunning fluency in English and Spanish

Committed, staff-oriented member of staff with a talent for details

Business Experience

FoxyStilezArticles, Dallas USA

1999 - Present

Staff Manager

Accountable for coordinating a global staff of freelance writers to meet a challenging set of output goals and objectives.

- Set unprecedented records for production, growing output by 10% globally

- Properly kept dependable logs of task distribution

- Cared for QA for world-wide creation over a sizable staff of freelancers

Extra Skillsets

Fluent in English and Spanish

Sophisticated proficiency using a extensive choice of office computer software

Samples of Released Works

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